Wallbox bidirectional EV chargers to be offered with Kia EV9

Bidirectional charging is on the way to your driveway, and it will soon allow you to use your EV as backup power for your home, or to save money by taking advantage of utility incentives. Kia now plans to offer Wallbox’s second-generation DC bidirectional charger, Quasar 2, to Kia EV9 buyers, starting in the first half of 2024.

Quasar 2 is an 11.5 kW bidirectional Level 2 charger. A Kia EV9 can hold between 76 and 100 kWh of energy, enough to power a typical household for up to four days. In case of a power outage, Quasar 2’s Power Recovery Mode automatically switches the user’s power source from the grid to their vehicle.

Quasar 2 can also be used to take advantage of demand response programs and time-of-use rates offered by local utilities. By scheduling charging at times when energy prices are low and discharging their car battery to power their home when prices are high, users can save on their energy bills.

“Bidirectional charging can offer long-term benefits to users, grid operators and utilities, and will accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources” said Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox. “When combined with an EV capable of bidirectional charging, such as Kia’s advanced EV9, Quasar 2 offers one of the most functional and affordable home energy management solutions on the market.”

Source: Wallbox

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