VW to join Tesla in the charging and energy storage businesses

Volkswagen has announced plans to set up a new brand called Elli – for “electric life” -to sell EV charging stations, stationary storage batteries and electric services such as clean power.

Elli, which will initially be focused in Europe, will sell various home charger models, including two 11 kW wall boxes with or without WiFi and smart charging capability; and 22 kW DC chargers that can connect to a smart grid and enable V2G integration.

Elli will also deploy a network of Level 2 destination charging, including at 4,000 of its own dealers by 2020, and offer consulting services to parking garages and other businesses to help them set up charging stations.

Reflecting the growing awareness that EVs are part of a clean electricity ecosystem, Elli will include a new service called Naturstrom that will deliver 100% renewable power to customers’ homes. Elli will also offer stationary home batteries analogous to the Tesla Powerwall.


Source: VW via Green Car Reports

  • Stuart McColl

    Volkswagon will “this” and Ford will “that”. The key question is “where” will they build and source their batteries from ??? BMW – Bavarian Motor Works is sourcing their batteries from China … just announced … BMW changing their name to CMW … “China Motor Works”. Wake up people, time to start taking it seriously !

  • Al

    Clickbait headline, nothing to do with Tesla.

  • Argovicus

    What a stupid title for an essay! The essayist is just trying to get attention and to post a fake news trying to manipulate the lowbrow reader!
    What Volkswagen is doing is to join the electric car team and it will come up 10 years too late but will bring eventually the e-car that pleases the majority of people. Unexcited design, but profoundly made!
    VW is designing and building a factory that will make the batteries for the VW group near to the Wolfsburg facilities in Lower-Saxony; Northern Germany.