Tritium to provide 52 custom-built Veefil-UT fast chargers in Hamburg

Australia-based Tritium has won a tender to provide 52 Veefil-UT fast chargers for German power distribution company Stromnetz Hamburg.

The chargers, which support both CHAdeMO and CCS fast charging standards, have been adapted in partnership with Stromnetz to comply with German regulations and retain their signature small footprint. Each will feature an 11 kW AC output. The units will be delivered by October.

“Stromnetz Hamburg was attracted to Tritium’s liquid-cooled technology that reduces maintenance and increases the unit’s life expectancy, but equally important was our ability to produce a unit that could directly connect to the grid whilst still maintaining a footprint that is much smaller than any other comparable charger,” explains Paul Sernia, Tritium’s Commercial Director.  “In the narrow streets of Germany’s older city centers, the Veefil-UT can be installed on a standard pedestrian walkway without obstructing pedestrian traffic, pushchairs, wheelchairs etc.”


Source: Tritium

  • Joe Robe

    11kw ?? What a joke, thats half of a few hundret dollars tesla HPWC!

    • Malcolm Scott

      11kW AC is additional to CCS and CHAdeMO. It’s a triple standard charging station

      • Joe Robe

        Article is misleading, does not mention any rate for chademo and ccs.

        • Malcolm Scott

          The standard unit is 50kW. I’ve not seen Tritium announce a higher rated product yet, although they say it’s in development. I’ve checked other reports and they don’t comment about the rating. Perhaps we should conclude that it’s the same as the standard unit. If they had lifted the rating no doubt it would have been in the press release. Good question though as vehicles are now able to make use of more than 50 kW.

        • QKodiak

          11 kW AC, 50kW DC CCS, and 62.5 kW CHAdeMO

          Tesla’s Destination Chargers charge from 11.5-18kW depending on the vehicle. Their Superchargers on the other hand charge up to 145kW. These streetside chargers will be useful for PHEVs to achieve their utmost mpg, visiting EV owners, top ups, and the few EV owners that don’t have a garage to charge up in.