Motiv Power Systems supplies electric step vans to Shasta Linen Supply

In late 2023, California-based EV manufacturer Motiv Power Systems delivered five electric step vans to Shasta Linen Supply, which is headquartered in Sacramento.

Shasta has retrofitted its existing business infrastructure to support the Motiv trucks. The new trucks, operating on local routes in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, now make up half of Shasta’s fleet. This puts the company well ahead of the state’s Advanced Clean Fleets regulation that requires fleets to be 50% electric by 2031.

“Given the sheer weight of linens, building an electric truck that can handle the payload is an industry-wide challenge. Motiv rose to that challenge,” said Jim Castalez, founder and Chief Technology and Revenue Officer of Motiv Power Systems.

Source: Motiv


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