Porsche plans fast chargers at all US dealerships, exec disses Tesla

Porsche Mission E

Porsche’s upcoming Mission E sedan is expected to feature a 95 kWh battery pack and 310 miles of range. Such a generous range is sure to create demand for faster charging times, so the German luxury brand has developed a new charging system that can deliver up to 800 V and 350 kW.

Now Porsche says it plans to install 320 kW DC fast chargers at all 189 Porsche dealerships in the US. The new stations should be able to charge a Mission E to 250 miles in 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stefan Weckbach, Porsche’s VP for Battery Electric Vehicles, took a shot at Tesla, telling a group of journalists that the Mission E’s performance can repeatedly deliver fast acceleration, whereas Tesla vehicles can only hit 60 in 3 seconds twice in a row. “The third attempt will fail,” Weckbach said. “The system is throttled. Porsche drivers won’t need to worry about that [because the Mission E can deliver] reproducible performance and a top speed which can be maintained for long periods.”

As Autoblog pointed out, however, his claim is questionable. “At one time Tesla did restrict the number of consecutive and total Launch Control deployments, as well as “full-pedal acceleration,” in order to save wear and tear on the battery and powertrain,” writes

Jonathon Ramsey. “However, Tesla erased the software restriction late last year after voluminous customer complaints.”

Porsche electric Mission E concept 2 Porsche electric Mission E concept


Sources: Jalopnik, Autoblog


  • Dave_SRQ

    That’s what I want to do on a road trip (stop at a porsche dealership every 3 hours to refuel). Idiots.

    • John Cotter

      Well it has 300+ miles. There aren’t very many places in the US where you will be stopping every 3 hours. Even averaging 70 mph, you can go 4 hours with a little left over. But on a day in day out basis, how many people drive 300 miles a day? You might, but the majority of Americans don’t.

      • Dave_SRQ

        I’m just talking about road trips. If you can’t take an occasional road trip without stopping at a porsche dealership every few hours, then the car is crippled. In their infinite wisdom, Porsche is only installing fast chargers at dealerships..

        • Francesco Nicoletti

          I think Porsche knows their market, I have seen more Teslas on intercity highways then I have Porsches. Porsches are toys not something anyone would drive long distances in. They might need some extra chargers around race tracks but beyond that why bother.

        • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

          Obviously – they at least have SOME sense of managing their Dealerships, more than Managing a Restaurant, Mall, or Scenic Stopping Point, so – there is that!

          However – If that is ALL Porsche does for this car is to put these chargers in Dealerships, then, sure – they don’t get it!

  • Brian Couchene

    Don’t worry, this is just a press release.
    CCS type 1 connectors aren’t UL listed to 800Vdc.
    CCS Type 2 connectors are rated for 1,000Vdc, but not UL listed at all (listed for use outside the US)
    In article 625.4 of the 2014 NEC, the charge station DC voltage was limited to 600Vdc. This has not been changed in the 2017 NEC to my knowledge.
    So the absolute soonest you will be able to fast charge your Porsche anywhere in the US will be in 2020 when (IF) the NEC allows up to 800Vdc, Then an additional year for UL certification of the CCS connector… So I’d estimate 2021 at the soonest.
    Why Porsche would make a car that’s completely incompatible with ALL existing fast charge stations (at least in the US) is beyond me. Per the NEC though you could still use a level 1 or 2 charge station though.

    • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

      So – are you asking it it is just ignorance, or if it falls under Arrogance?
      Is it False Hopes, or just Bad Planning?

      I suspect – optimistically – that they just didn’t concern themselves with these facts! How else could they make the competition look bad?

  • Phil Evans

    Porsche does snide and condescending so well. Soon to be relics

  • Ramon A. Cardona

    Perhaps it is my limited personal experience but in my over 50 years of extensive US road travel I cannot recall seeing but a few Porsche models. I have a sports car and between limited interior space and trunk and the typical harsh(er) ride quality plus noise due to a soft top, I doubt Porsche models, electric or ICE, are suitable for other than weekend sports events or regional trips. Supercharger stations or not, Tesla has a similar problem as to charging opportunities off the main roads. There is a lot to do as to electric transportation outside cities.

    • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

      It seems to me – when people are taking the scenic route, Superchargers might be needed too, but Possibly having a more fully completed 100 Amp Public L2 Network would also do a lot.

      Clipper Creek have been making such 100 Amp L2 units for a few years now, and Many of the Older Tesla’s with the Dual Chargers can take full advantage of them! Now – it seems that an 80 Amp Station would cover all the new Tesla’s that only go up to the 72 Amp Level on L2 Units.

      Also – if EV Owners – took a Bit More Time, in their own Trips, they could stop at places they themselves don’t need a charge, but ask if the business would be adding EV Charging to their Property anytime soon, for Advertising Purposes, and to draw in new customers?

      Even it Local EV Drivers simply shared a common plan, to ask a particular business, by a different person, each week, this same question, for about 3-4 months long, such that they might finally investigate the option, and do it, then – the same EV Owners, could actually return, visit them, thank them, and do some business with them.

      • Dave_SRQ

        “L2, 40A – 80A chargers”, sounds a lot like Tesla’s destination charging network. There are already thousands of statiions installed with more opening up every day. Free to charge for Tesla customers.

        Most other L2 stations are 30A public chargers, available to all EVs.

  • Lance Pickup

    So Porsche is taking the “Nissan” route in creating their “network” at dealerships. On the plus side, hopefully Porsche dealers will care more about keeping their fast chargers in working order (at Nissan, if the charger goes down–and they seem to frequently–the staff doesn’t really care and you have to wait for someone from Nissan to come out and fix it which may takes weeks or even months!). Also the supposed 15 minute recharge could at least mitigate some of the negatives below…

    But on the minus side: Dealerships? In my experience with stopping to charge at Nissan dealers, they aren’t usually located near amenities. And how many? 189? Aren’t there like 400 or so Supercharger sites in NA? And I’m sure they aren’t situated periodically across major travel corridors that would actually allow for real world road trips. Yes, you will have a 15 minute recharge time so maybe amenities are not that important, but you may have to drive 30-60 minutes out of your way to get to that dealer. And how many charging stations will be at each dealer? 1? Maybe 2? So if one does go down or there is a queue for charging….

    Obviously I want to see as many different options for EVs as possible, and an electric Porsche would be wonderful. But this is simply not going to cut it to compete with what Tesla has built up over the past several years. If this is Porsche’s plan to compete, I’m afraid it’s not good enough. They really need to be planning on a true nationwide charging network.