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Pacific Power Source launches new regenerative sources and loads for EV charger testing

Pacific Power Source, a global provider of AC and DC power testing solutions, has announced a new Regenerative product line of bidirectional sources and loads.

The new products, including the All-in-1 AGX Regenerative AC/DC Source, 2-in-1 RGS Regenerative Grid Simulator and RLS Regenerative Load Simulator, emulate real-world power flows, and are designed for testing EV chargers, V2X hardware, Solar PV inverters, home energy storage systems and more.

Pacific says the new SmartRegen products offer greater than 90% energy efficiency and a high power density, with up to 21 kVA in a single 4U chassis. Modular by design, these rack-mountable components can scale up to 168 kVA of power in a single 19-inch cabinet, and can be paralleled up to 252 kvA to meet future requirements. The voltage ranges cover 350 VLN/606 VLL in AC mode or ±500 VDC in DC mode with exceptionally high AC current capability.

  • The AGX Series Regenerative 4 Quadrant AC/DC Source is an all-in-one testing solution designed to address a wide range of test applications and markets. It can be used as a fully programmable AC/DC power source, current source and electronic load. It features AC, DC, and AC+DC output capability, and an extended frequency range up to 3,000 Hz.
  • The RGS Series Regenerative Grid Simulator is a next-generation 2-in-1 grid simulator designed for the testing and verification of all grid-tied applications. It’s designed to emulate almost any grid condition, and can test compliance with standards such as IEEE 1547, UL 1741, IEC 61000-3, IEC 61000-4 and more.
  • The RLS Series Regenerative Load Simulator is a four-quadrant AC and DC electronic load designed for testing any AC and DC load applications. The RLS features several AC and DC emulation modes, and provides flexible configurations of single, split and 3-phase operation, as well as steady-state or transient execution.

“Our new line of Regenerative test solutions offers the highest level of flexibility, performance and intelligence,” says Herman Vaneijkelenburg, Director of Marketing. “These test systems integrate a high-tech 4-quadrant design in silicon carbide (SiC) technology to support superior voltage range, current and power specifications. They are compact, powerful, versatile and easy to use. Our mission is to innovate how you test with smart power to make it simpler, safer, more productive, and sustainable.”

Source: Pacific Power Source


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