Pasadena’s Marengo Charging Plaza has 24 Tesla Superchargers and 20 Tritium 50 kW fast chargers

The city of Pasadena, California has unveiled what it claims is the largest public DC fast charging location in the US. The Marengo Charging Plaza, located on the rooftop level of a public parking garage, has 24 Tesla Superchargers and 20 Tritium 50 kW DC fast chargers.

Parking customers can pay for charging using the Greenlots charging network, a credit card, or a smartphone-based payment method. The new chargers have already logged more than 7,000 charging sessions.

The Tritium stations are owned and managed by Pasadena Water and Power (PWP). The utility relied on public-private partnerships to finance the charging plaza, including grants from the California Energy Commission and Southern California Air Quality Management District. No ratepayer dollars were used.

Tritium’s RT50 DC fast chargers fit into compact spaces typical of Level 2 chargers. They are designed to handle extreme environmental conditions, including a temperature range of -31 to 122° F, and offer IP65 NEMA 3R ingress protection. Liquid cooling reduces wear on internal components and delivers a longer system life.

“We believe that fast charging facilities like the Marengo Charging Plaza provide Pasadena residents and commuters with the confidence they need to drive electric,” says PWP Assistant General Manager Marvin Moon. “We appreciate Tritium’s staff for the support they have given PWP both during and after construction to help ensure a great customer experience.”

“DC applications are expanding well beyond corridor or city-to-city connections,” said Mike Calise, Tritium’s President of the Americas. “This location serves EV driver needs at a much higher energy level for a typical destination or dwell time stay. Installations like this are changing the way drivers think about dwell charging. It’s a super-fast dwell charger available on Main Street America.”

Source: Tritium

  • bytrain

    While all new fast charging additions are welcome, it’s important to note that Pasadena’s Marengo Charging Plaza may be largest based on number of units, but it’s not based on energy throughput. The power for the 44 units is [70kWx24 (Urban Superchargers) + 50kWx20 (Tritium units)] = 2680 kW. The power at the Kettleman City Superchargers was (version 2) 150kW/2 x 40 = 3,000 kW and now, with at least a dozen of the Superchargers being upgraded to version 3, 250kw x 12 + 150kW/2 x 28 = 5,100 kW or almost double that of Pasadena’s Marengo Charging Plaza.

  • EV Charging PM

    Proud to be part of the MaxGen team that contributed engineering and construction for Pasadena’s Marengo Charging Plaza.