Maxwell Vehicles retrofits RAM ProMaster vans with plug-in powertrains

What does a PHEV become when it grows up? And do we need yet another electrified-vehicle acronym? Technically, a hybrid with a plug is a PHEV, but some argue that a vehicle with a substantial electric range is a different animal. Chevy called its Volt an EREV, and Seattle-based startup Maxwell Vehicles is calling its plug-in cargo van conversion an RHEV (range-extended hybrid electric van).

Maxwell’s RHEV is a Dodge RAM ProMaster upfitted with a PHEV powertrain manufactured by GM (thus it’s a hybrid in more ways than one). It sports an 18 kWh battery pack and a 120 kW electric transaxle, and delivers 40 miles of electric range.

Maxwell sells built-to-order RHEVs, which can be made from new or refurbished ProMasters. The company also converts customers’ existing vans. Conversions start at $32,990, and new RHEVs start at $46,990.

Source: Maxwell Vehicles

  • freedomev

    It shouldn’t be more than $20k at most for the conversion.
    The battery is $4k, a 30kw generator $3k, 150kw motor/controller $4k is only $11k for parts, minus what they get for the ICE parts.
    R+R would take 15manhrs.

    • Arvin Abadilla

      You should develop your own 20K version then. Sounds trivial. I’d buy it

      • freedomev

        Rather overburdened building a 63 Vette looking all composite lightweight aero EV for production and don’t have the capital.
        Thus I give the profitable business to the world. Fact is Cummings? is already doing parts of it except the swapping part.
        Soon you’ll see lots of semi to EV converters. And as swappable packs grow, many more will convert because in shipping, low cost wins and EVs will cost 50% of semis to run.

    • Ramon A. Cardona

      I guess you are not in the biz? Building costs/lease/rental, landscape, utilities, tools, insurance, management, legal, accounting, HR, marketing, people, taxes, shipping, etc. No need to go on but these are just a few. If anything, the profit margins seems thin so as to keep prices reasonable or close to competition. Thanks

      • freedomev

        I am in the ‘Biz’ and why I know what it costs including overhead.