Leoni launches next-generation EV charging cables

Leoni, a supplier of wiring systems, has optimized its EV charging cables to be easier to use and consume less resources.

Leoni has introduced new AC charging cables using LEONI EcoSense Nxt and LEONI EcoSense technologies. The LEONI EcoSense Nxt+ product line has been power-optimized. The cables are designed to carry the highest available current level for each application, decreasing the conductor cross-section. Hence, LEONI EcoSense Nxt and Nxt+ have a 6% and 20% weight reduction, respectively. The LEONI EcoSense Nxt portfolio has a diameter that is 4% smaller on average than the previous generation, and the LEONI EcoSense Nxt+ is 9% smaller.

The next-generation LEONI EcoSense Nxt and Nxt+ cables fulfill three standards (IEC, EN and GBT). The cables can charge EVs in 167 countries, and Leoni offers separate charging cables for Japan (PSE) and North America (UL). Both portfolios include cables ranging from 3×1.5 mm²+X to 5×10 mm²+X.

Source: Leoni

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