Emporia Energy and BREK Electronics to develop bidirectional EV charger

Energy management specialist Emporia Energy has partnered with BREK Electronics to develop a bidirectional EV charger that can transfer power from a vehicle to a building and/or the grid. The new product is scheduled to go on sale in North America in 2023 at a price under $1,500.

BREK, which specializes in silicon carbide-based power electronics, will develop the power electronics core and hardware for the new charger, and Emporia will develop the connector strategy and smart home integration system.

Emporia’s Smart Home Energy Management System is a suite of products that include Level 2 EV chargers, customizable home batteries with capacities from 8.2 kWh to 49.2 kWh, smart plugs, and real-time energy monitors that allow users to monitor their home energy usage. The partnership’s bidirectional charger will be the newest addition to this ecosystem.

“80 to 85% of electric vehicle charging currently takes place at the vehicle owner’s home, so the EV should really be seen as an extension of the home energy system,” said Emporia founder and CEO Shawn McLaughlin. “Being able to transfer energy from the vehicle back into the home or grid will enable widespread adoption of distributed renewable energy without taxing the grid, while generating substantial savings for the homeowner.”

“Emporia has mastered energy management technology and smart home integration with their system of products, and is the perfect match for the power electronics development we do here at BREK,” said Dr. Kala Majeti, President and co-founder of BREK Electronics. “Our hardware expertise combined with Emporia’s experience in energy management will drive the creation of a truly groundbreaking product in the EV charging space.”

Source: Emporia


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