Chargepoint offers trade-in credit to Blink charger operators

As some analysts are predicting spectacular growth in the public charging market, something of a Wild West atmosphere is developing.

Last month, Ecotality, one of the country’s largest network operators, filed for bankruptcy. Last week, Florida-based Car Charging Group announced that it would purchase Ecotality’s Blink charging network.

Now Chargepoint, another giant network, is looking to poach some of its former rival’s customers, offering an enticing trade-in offer to owners of Blink charging stations.

Chargepoint offers Blink customers a trade-in credit of $1,200 for a single-port charging station, or $2,200 for a dual-port CT4000 series station. Buyers may also be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.

Chargepoint’s offer is available until December 15. 


Source: Green Car Reports