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Bitrode’s new High Density IGBT formation charger

Bitrode, a global supplier of battery production charging and test systems, has launched its new High Density IGBT formation charger in North America. The HD-CR/CD, introduced last year in Europe, complements Bitrode’s existing line of cell formation equipment.

Formation is the first charge carried out at a cell manufacturer’s plant, which creates the desired microstructure of a cell’s components and the contacts between them, transforming the active materials of a new cell into their usable form.

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Bitrode’s new HD-CR/CD is designed to be integrated smoothly into any facility’s power grid at higher efficiency and power factors than previous models. It operates at 16 kHz, and allows users to achieve efficiency of 90% and power factors of 99%.

“With this product, power factor correction is not needed,” says John Grimm, Bitrode’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “The HD-CR/CD’s enhanced performance may be the difference that will allow an existing facility to increase their production capacity without having to increase their facility’s electrical service or distribution system by replacing their existing SCR technology-based systems.”


Source: Bitrode


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