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Aptera finalizes design, is ready to build super-efficient EV

Most EV startups are either following the Tesla template—aiming to produce a high-performance luxury vehicle—or targeting the money-spinning pickup truck segment. Aptera Motors is taking a very different path. The reincarnated automaker’s goal is to create the world’s most efficient vehicle—an EV with as much as 1,000 miles of range.

Now the San Diego-based company says it has finalized its development vehicle design, and is raring to start building.

Parts are being released to internal build teams and to outside suppliers. “All of our structural components are now released along with our suspension,” says the company. “We are now knee-deep in electrical engineering while finishing up the interior, exterior covers, and our lighting systems.”

The company has released several photos of components, including the composite molds that will be used to build the vehicle’s primary lower structure, or “tub,” which will hold the seats on the inside and the batteries below.

Weight is a major concern—Aptera has been working to lighten its suspension significantly, and says it has reduced the weight of its metal components by at least 50%.

The company has also shown pix of custom control boards that will be used to manage electrical components such as lights and heaters. “[The boards] are distributed throughout the vehicle, and allow us to use a very lightweight wiring harness to power all our devices. A typical automotive wiring harness could weigh over 50 lbs, and we cut that weight down to 20 lbs.”

Solar body panels are designed to provide the Aptera with almost 700 W of extra charging power. The company claims that, on a sunny day, the panels will add as much as 44 miles of range.

Source: Aptera


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