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Aptera enters Validation Phase for its hyper-efficient solar-powered EV

Aptera is not following the typical path for an EV startup. Rather than building a high-end luxury EV, it’s working to create the most efficient EV possible—a vehicle so efficient that integral solar panels can supply much of its charging needs. It’s been a long road, but the company is getting close to releasing a… Read more »

Aptera chooses Maxeon to supply solar cells, begins producing panels

Aptera is different. While other EV-makers aspire to become “the next Tesla” by building high-performance vehicles that look just like the ICE vehicles drivers are used to, Aptera is focusing on building the most efficient and greenest vehicles possible. Critics may say that consumers won’t buy an unusual three-wheeled aerodynamic vehicle (Aptera might dispute that—it… Read more »

Aptera raises $4 million from Series A investors, including Sandy Munro

Aptera Motors has a very different strategy from that of most EV startups. Rather than a luxury sedan or a crowd-pleasing pickup truck, the San Diego-based company is building what it says will be the world’s most efficient vehicle—an EV with a solar panel on the roof, and as much as 1,000 miles of range…. Read more »

Aptera finalizes design, is ready to build super-efficient EV

Most EV startups are either following the Tesla template—aiming to produce a high-performance luxury vehicle—or targeting the money-spinning pickup truck segment. Aptera Motors is taking a very different path. The reincarnated automaker’s goal is to create the world’s most efficient vehicle—an EV with as much as 1,000 miles of range. Now the San Diego-based company… Read more »

EV maker Aptera partners with Elaphe for in-wheel motors

Aptera Motors, a start-up building an ultra-efficient EV, has teamed up with Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, a manufacturer of in-wheel motors. Aptera says in-wheel motors offer it advantages that would be impossible to achieve with other propulsion systems, including enhanced aerodynamics, lighter overall vehicle weight and improved handling, all of which result in better mileage and… Read more »

Aptera returns from the dead, unveils 1,000-mile EV

Long-time followers of the EV scene may remember Aptera, a startup that was founded in 2006, designed a unique three-wheeled two-seater EV, then went into liquidation in 2011. Now, Aptera is back. Three of the founders have bought back the intellectual property, and have spent many months working on an improved version of Aptera’s vehicle… Read more »

EV startup Aptera calls it a day

California-based car maker Aptera Motors, builders of the super-aerodynamic 2e EV, is pulling the plug, handing over the keys, gliding off into the sunset…and draining the battery (an important safety measure). CEO Paul Wilbur made the sad announcement on Friday. “After years of focused effort to bring our products to the market, Aptera Motors is… Read more »

Elaphe and McLaren Applied partner to develop in-wheel propulsion system

Are in-wheel motors the future? We’ll see—no OEM that we know of is using them in any large volumes yet, but companies are definitely still pursuing the technology. In-wheel proponents point to significant space and weight savings, which can deliver reduced energy consumption. Motor-maker Elaphe and component supplier McLaren Applied have partnered to develop an… Read more »

CharIN responds to Tesla’s release of its charging standard

Tesla’s recent announcement that it will make its charging connector design available to colleagues and competitors has been getting mixed reviews. Some pundits poo-pooed Tesla’s announcement—one commenter wrote, “This is not the way standards are developed.”   However, we saw it as a step in the direction of a more interoperable EV ecosystem, which could… Read more »