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Ioxus launches new family of ultracaps for easy installation in automotive applications

Ioxus has launched its iMOD X-Series, a family of 22 ultracapacitor modules that are designed to simplify system design and installation for end users by offering a wide array of possible mounting configurations. The new modules use off-the-shelf T-slots to mount from any side in any configuration. They feature internally integrated wire management and integrated… Read more »

Ioxus announces new line of high-temperature ultracapacitors

New York-based ultracapacitor manufacturer Ioxus has introduced a new line of high-temperature 1250-Farad cells. According to the company, its proprietary Titan technology meets the requirement of automotive customers for ultracaps with a wider operating range that meets both cold and high temperature standards. Ioxus’ newest line of cells functions at temperatures ranging from -40 to… Read more »

Thin-film supercapacitors could be embedded in body panels

Researchers around the world are working on supercapacitors (aka ultracaps), whose high power density makes them a perfect complement for lithium-ion batteries. Meanwhile, a couple of visionaries at Volvo have been thinking about ways to get around the high space requirements of batteries by storing energy in a car’s body panels. Image Courtesy of Volvo… Read more »

Maxwell and Corning agree to work together on ultracapacitor tech

Maxwell Technologies (NASDAQ: MXWL) has announced a joint development agreement with Corning (NYSE: GLW) with the goal of advancing the state of capacitive energy storage technology. Maxwell brings expertise in ultracapacitor cell design and a growing presence in the energy storage market to the partnership, while Corning is a specialist in high-performance materials, and has… Read more »

Ultracapacitors supercharge stop/start systems

Electrification is quietly sneaking into “conventional” vehicles, as more models incorporate stop/start technology. Navigant Research predicts that 54% of new vehicles worldwide will have stop/start capability by 2022. Different automakers are applying stop/start in very different ways. For energy storage, a stop/start system may use Li-ion batteries, advanced-glass-mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries, ultracapacitors (UCs), or some… Read more »

Research team uses MRI to examine the inner workings of supercapacitors

A team of chemists from New York University and the University of Cambridge has developed a method for examining the inner workings of supercapacitors. Their technique, based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), offers a way to monitor and possibly enhance the performance of such devices. The work, which appears in the latest issue of the… Read more »

Ultracap maker Skeleton Technologies raises €3.9 million in round A funding

Skeleton Technologies, a European manufacturer of ultracapacitor technology, has completed Round A financing of €3.9 million ($5.4 million). The funds will be used to scale up production, for product development, and for sales and marketing efforts. Skeleton Technologies manufactures SkelCap ultracapacitor cells, which are available in ranges from 250 F to 3500 F, as well… Read more »

Prodrive demonstrates silicon carbide-based DC-DC converter

A consortium led by the British motorsport and technology firm Prodrive has successfully run a silicon carbide-based multiport DC-DC converter in an EV.  Silicon carbide devices operate at a higher frequency than equivalent silicon components – at 75 kHz in the test vehicles – with a significant reduction in switching losses. This allows the magnetic… Read more »

Maxwell’s new ultracaps increase shock and vibration tolerance, a big advantage in mass transit applications

Maxwell Technologies’ new DuraBlue ultracapacitor cells incorporate a number of upgrades over previous versions. The 2.85-volt, 3400-farad cells offer up to 1,000,000 duty cycles, with up to 18 kW/kg of specific power and up to 4.00 Wh of stored energy. They use the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical K2 form factor, and are available with threaded… Read more »

Silicon rally: EnerG2’s new silicon battery anode material

It seems that every time the hottest new smartphone or tablet comes out, one of the biggest points of contention among users is its battery life. The demands put on the batteries run them down faster than users would like, and the OEMs can’t simply increase the batteries’ size while still hitting their targets for… Read more »