Skeleton and Sumitomo partner to distribute graphene-based ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies has signed a distribution agreement with Sumitomo Europe to provide energy storage solutions for the EV industry.

Skeleton’s graphene-based ultracapacitors boast high power density, a recharge time of 2-3 seconds and more than one million life cycles. In EVs, ultracapacitors can be used in tandem with lithium-ion batteries, an arrangement that Skeleton says can double battery life and allow battery cells to be downsized.

“Ultracapacitors play an important role for high-power applications in the transportation sector,” said Hidenori Eto, the GM of Sumitomo’s Warsaw office. “Skeleton’s revolutionary technology has the potential to drive this industry forward and ensure that manufacturers and customers can reap the benefits of a hybrid approach to battery technology.”

“Sumitomo’s world-class distribution network and technical expertise in electrification enable us to expand our footprint in the automotive sector and tap into the company’s relationships with key players in the transportation industry,” said Skeleton CEO Taavi Madiberk.


Source: Skeleton Technologies

  • brian_gilbert

    So, what is the comparitive cost per mile of a car using this technology compared to its current purely lithium ion equivalent assuming the vehicle is used for several humdred thousand miles.?

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    What is the energy (both gravimetric and volumetric) density of these capacitors ?

  • jstack6

    using the ultra cap in tandem is what Blue car ha done in their Bellore BlueIndy and BlueLA. They have great range and better regen etc using lithium batteries and ultra caps.

  • James D. Steil

    A crap article which says almost nothing. Nice pictures – what are they??