Maxwell Technologies sells high-voltage product line, shifts focus to EV energy storage

Maxwell Technologies, a manufacturer of energy storage and power delivery technology, has sold its high-voltage product line to Renaissance Investment Foundation for $55.1 million in cash and up to $15 million in future payments. Included in the deal were Maxwell’s Swiss subsidiary, Maxwell Technologies SA, and its CONDIS line of high-voltage capacitors.

Maxwell will now focus on energy storage for auto, wind, rail, and grid markets, while further researching and developing dry battery electrode (DBE) technology. DBE is a solventless coating technology that offers high loading and produces a thick electrode for high-energy-density cells without compromising physical properties and electrochemical performance. Maxwell says its DBE technology boasts better discharge rate capability than wet-coated electrodes.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that our DBE technology holds significant advantages over currently available energy systems for EVs,” said Maxwell CEO Franz Fink. “The time was right to shift our focus to further develop disruptive technologies and energy systems that address burgeoning global markets, notably the dramatically expanding EV market.”


Source: Maxwell Technologies


  • freedomev

    So Maxwell got smart and unloaded it’s ultracap business as they were going no where as they for storage, such costing, weighing 30x more than lithium Volt EV batteries.
    Super/Ultracaps have always been a scam and they don’t mention at 2vpc, you need a lot of them to make high voltage.
    Nor are the electronics needed to keep them alive, produce it’s power cheap as the voltage goes down to 0 to completely discharge.