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Maxwell introduces higher-voltage ultracapacitor cell

Maxwell Technologies K2 family 2

Maxwell Technologies has introduced a new addition to its K2 family of ultracapacitor cells. A 3-volt, 3,000-farad cell is now available in sample quantities. The new cell offers 31% higher power than Maxwell’s existing 2.7-volt, 3,000-farad cell, and is packaged in the same industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical form factor.

Maxwell points out that customers can use the new cell to either increase available power and energy in the same volume or reduce costs by using fewer cells or modules while maintaining the same power and energy.

Maxwell Technologies K2 family

The new cell design incorporates Maxwell’s proprietary DuraBlue Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology, which the company says provides three times the vibrational resistance and four times the shock immunity of competitive offerings – a big plus in transportation applications.

Maxwell cells range in capacitance from 1 to 3,400 farads, and multi-cell modules range from 16 to 160 volts. They are designed to perform reliably over a temperature range of -40° to 65° C.

The new cell should be particularly well suited to applications in the transportation, wind and grid markets, said Maxwell CEO Dr. Franz Fink. “Adding the 3 V ultracapacitor to our product line gives existing customers the flexibility to address higher-voltage or cost-sensitive applications while reducing weight and increasing return on system investments.”


Source: Maxwell Technologies via Green Car Congress

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