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Purdue researchers develop liquid phase change-cooled cable to enable higher charging current

The road to faster charging runs through greater cooling capacity (so to speak). Higher charging power levels mean higher current, which means that greater amounts of heat must be removed from charging cables. Purdue University engineers have invented a new, patent-pending charging cable that uses a novel cooling method. The researchers say their wonder cable… Read more »

Indiana DOT, Purdue to develop dynamic wireless highway charging

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Purdue University have partnered to develop a dynamic wireless charging highway segment. The project will use a type of magnetizable concrete developed by German startup Magment to enable the wireless charging of EVs as they drive. The project will consist of three phases, and is expected to begin… Read more »

Purdue researchers demonstrate liquid-to-vapor phase change cooling for EV charging cables

Faster EV charging will necessitate a significant increase in the current passing through the charging cable, which causes an increase in heat. Researchers at Purdue University may have developed a way to dissipate that heat. Their solution employs a liquid-to-vapor phase change. With traditional liquid cooling, the cooling fluid captures the heat and is routed… Read more »