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Sources claim that Porsche 717 EV will feature 4WD and a 300-mile range

Porsche is definitely working on a pure electric sport sedan, and details of the company’s plans are beginning to trickle out. In January, unnamed sources told the German magazine auto motor und sport that Porsche had dropped plans for gas and diesel versions of its Pajun (Panamera Junior) sedan, and that it would go on… Read more »

Porsche Pajun will be EV only?

Porsche has dropped plans to sell gasoline and diesel versions of its long-planned Pajun sedan, the German magazine auto motor und sport reported (via Automotive News Europe). Unnamed sources have indicated that Porsche execs think the sport sedan segment is too crowded for a new model with a legacy powertrain, so the Pajun will go on sale… Read more »

German automakers (still) planning to challenge Tesla

Elon Musk hopes Tesla’s success will inspire other automakers to get serious about EVs. The latest buzz in the automotive press is that he may get his wish, as German luxury brands are rumored to be working on their own EVs to compete with the boys from Silicon Valley. Automobile magazine reported earlier this month… Read more »

2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: Where will it fit into the market?

In a sense, every new entry into the plug-in vehicle market competes with all the others in the field – after all, there are still just a handful available nationwide. However, while the press tends to pit plug-ins against each other for juicy headlines, like “Volt vs LEAF,” there are very few direct head-to-head matchups… Read more »

VW CEO: Germany’s 1 million EV goal achievable, if…

The German government has set a goal to have one million electric cars on the country’s roads by 2020. “We will make our contribution toward this goal,” Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn told reporters this week. However, according to Bloomberg, Winterkorn said that the goal was feasible only if plug-in hybrids are included in that million-vehicle… Read more »

Volkswagen plugs China in

As VW cautiously rolls out its electrified product line, it seems to see plenty of potential for plug-ins in China. The Volkswagen Group has five plug-in models ready for production, and four were on display at a press event in China this week. The four offerings spanned the price range, from the practical two-door VW… Read more »

New Panamera PHEV provides progress over its predecessor

Porsche’s new Panamera S E-Hybrid PHEV incorporates dramatic improvements over the hybrid model that it’s replacing, and the company expects that to drive dramatically better sales. Porsche is forecasting about 10,000 sales over the E-Hybrid’s life cycle, which represents double the figure for the company’s first-generation hybrid, and about 10 percent of all Panamera sales…. Read more »

Porsche to offer hybrid option on all future models

All future Porsche models will be available in hybrid versions, Daniel Semmer said at the company’s Panamera Hybrid Technology Workshop. The British magazine Autocar reported that the move is part of a new strategy to reduce fuel consumption at everyday speeds. Porsche has designed a new hybrid module, which combines an electric motor and clutches… Read more »

New Porsche Panamera PHEV

Porsche is introducing its first plug-in hybrid – the Panamera S E-Hybrid. It’s part of a new generation of Panamera models that will debut at Auto China in Shanghai later this month, and will go on sale late in 2013. The S E-Hybrid improves upon the previous Panamera S Hybrid with a more powerful electric… Read more »