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Porsche Pajun will be EV only?


Porsche has dropped plans to sell gasoline and diesel versions of its long-planned Pajun sedan, the German magazine auto motor und sport reported (via Automotive News Europe).

Unnamed sources have indicated that Porsche execs think the sport sedan segment is too crowded for a new model with a legacy powertrain, so the Pajun will go on sale in 2018 or 2019 as a pure EV. Porsche is confident that by then, battery technology will have advanced to the point that its new EV will have a range of 350-400 km (217-248 miles).

The 4.6-meter long Pajun (short for Panamera Junior) will incorporate technology from the Panamera (pictured above), but will probably be renamed before it goes into production.

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Source: auto motor und sport via Automotive News Europe


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