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Local Chinese governments award Boston Power funding to expand plants

Battery manufacturer Boston Power has secured $290 million in local government support for the expansion of its two facilities in China. The company’s Liyang facility will increase its manufacturing capacity fivefold by 2016. Its Tianjin facility is expected to reach 8 GWh in manufacturing capacity by 2018. Boston Power expects China’s EV market to be… Read more »

Chinese government approves new Kandi luxury EV for incentives

Kandi Technologies (Nasdaq: KNDI) has announced that its new mid-tier luxury EV has been approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new model, with the cumbersome name SMA7002BEV05, has been added to the list of recommended new energy vehicles, which means that buyers are now eligible for a wide range of national… Read more »

LG Chem breaks ground on Chinese battery plant

Korean battery giant LG Chem held a ground-breaking ceremony this week in Nanjing, China, where it started construction on a new EV battery plant. The new facility will be able to produce enough batteries annually to supply more than 100,000 EVs when it opens by the end of 2015. It will supply batteries to Chinese… Read more »

Tesla in China: major incentive in Shanghai, online sales on Alibaba

Tesla has scored what could be a major sales boost in China. Shanghai’s municipal government has ruled that Model S buyers will be exempt from the $12,000 registration fee required to obtain license plates. A city official told Bloomberg (via Green Car Reports) that 400 Tesla buyers have already received the free plates. Like many large Chinese… Read more »

VW plans to launch more than 20 plug-ins in China

The plug-in party is in full swing in China, as the government pushes “new energy vehicles” as a solution to choking air pollution. The Volkswagen Group plans to be a major player, launching more than 20 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in China by the end of 2018. By 2020 there could be “some hundred… Read more »

Battery diagnostics company Midtronics expands Chinese facility

It’s not just automakers who see China as the land of EV opportunity. Parts suppliers and service providers in the electromobility field are also greedily eyeing the Middle Kingdom. Midtronics, a global provider of battery testing and management products, established a Chinese division in Shenzhen in 2003, and has since built a customer base in… Read more »

Tesla bulks up Hong Kong operations

Tesla plans to double its Hong Kong workforce to over 100 people by the end of the year, and has hired a country director for the Chinese city. “Hong Kong could potentially be the place to showcase the success of electric vehicles to the rest of Asia,” said Veronica Wu, Tesla’s VP for China operations…. Read more »

iPhone contract manufacturer Foxconn invests $811 million in EV factory

The rumors have been flying since the Foxconn Technology Group’s June announcement that it plans to build an EV with a price tag of less than $15,000. The Taiwanese company builds iPhones for Apple and the touchscreen for the Tesla Model S. [Correction 1:00pm EDT 9/26/14: Despite widespread internet reports that Foxconn produces the Model… Read more »

BYD chief: Electric buses and PHEV consumer cars will lead the Chinese boom

The head of Chinese automaker BYD sees a major plug-in boom on the horizon, but has some definite ideas about the proper roles of PHEVs vis a vis pure EVs. Some would say the party has already started – BYD’s share price has nearly doubled this year, as the company delivered 6,600 units of its… Read more »

Dongfeng Nissan launches Venucia e30 EV in Chinese market

Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFL-PV), a joint venture between the Chinese and Japanese automakers, has launched its first pure electric vehicle, the Venucia e30. The new EV will initially go on sale in nine Chinese cities, and is expected to be available nationwide in 2015. Starting price is RMB 267,800 ($43,705). The e30 boasts… Read more »