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Michael Dunne shares the latest Chinese EV news in the transport treehouse

The transport treehouse podcast is a good place to hear some of the world’s top EV experts talk about trends in the industry. Hosts Chelsea Sexton and Russell Frost are two of the most experienced EV journalists out there, and they have an ongoing stream of guests who have expertise in various aspects of the electromobility ecosystem.

Past episodes include a chat about CHAdeMo with David Patterson, one of the engineers who developed the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and a rundown of the coming wave of electric SUVs from longtime EV writer John Voelcker.

Considering that China has been the epicenter of the EV world for years now, it gets very little coverage in the US press. One of the few inside sources of Chinese EV news is Michael Dunne’s ZoZo Go newsletter. Dunne recently climbed up into the treehouse to discuss the latest currents in the Middle Kingdom.

Dunne grew up in the auto industry—his dad was an auto journalist who brought a continual stream of new cars home, and Michael was his dad’s “wing man” as they roamed Detroit in search of juicy spy shots. He first started reporting from China back in the days when bicycles were the dominant vehicle. In the early days of the EV revolution, he began working with California tech firms. Today he’s the go-to guy for information on the Chinese EV scene.

Dunne told the treehouse about the latest wave of Chinese EV startups. For years, Chinese automakers have been making big announcements about forays into the US and European markets, but these never seem to materialize. However, many up-and-coming EV-makers have Chinese connections, including BYD, Faraday, Byton, NIO, Volvo and Polestar. Which, if any of these, will become “the next Tesla?”

The auto trade flows in the other direction, too. Will Tesla leapfrog other Western automakers to carve out a sizable chunk of the Chinese EV market?

These are only a few of the questions considered in this episode of the treehouse, and you won’t hear any definite answers (if you’ve found a crystal ball, let us know). What you will hear is a group of journalists with broad and deep knowledge of the EV industry discussing the issues in depth.

Source: transport treehouse

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