New Chinese wireless charging standard incorporates WiTricity’s technology

After years of development, China recently announced a new national standard for wireless EV charging. Wireless charging is expected to be an important enabler for autonomous vehicles, and standardization is critical to ensure that wireless charging is interoperable across different vehicles and charging equipment.

The new GuoBiao (GB) standard relies on technology developed by WiTricity, an MIT spin-out that was founded in 2007. WiTricity has been actively involved in the Chinese EV wireless charging standardization process for the past four years, working closely with the GB standard committee on several technical matters, including efforts to harmonize the Chinese standard with other international standards (SAE J2954, ISO 19363, IEC 61980) that will be published in 2020 and 2021.

WiTricity claims that its magnetic resonance technology delivers the same power, efficiency and charging rates as conventional plug-in charging methods.

“It’s a significant milestone for WiTricity to have our patented wireless charging technology embraced in the Chinese GB national standard,” said Alex Gruzen, WiTricity CEO. “China is the world’s largest EV market, the global EV trend setter, and a key market for WiTricity.”

Source: WiTricity

  • Stuart McColl

    I think Alex Gruzen is not honest with people when it comes to WiTricity and wireless charging. I ask one thing … after over a decade of “work” and millions and millions spent … Mr. Gruzen … show me 1 successful installation in the wild of WiTricity wireless charging where it has worked for any duration at all. Zero point zero … that is how many installations WiTricity has in the wild. This is not good for the EV industry to have something pitched like this that is so questionable. I’ve been in the industry for 3 years … looked carefully at the systems … visited locations claiming to have the wireless charging technology installed … and engineered successful handsfree charging systems myself. Zero is zero.