Which US states have the highest penetration of EV charging stations?

Expanded access to charging infrastructure is seen as one of the keys to accelerating EV adoption, and the US is rapidly rolling out public charging stations. A new report from the DOE tells us that 25 states now have at least 1,000 non-residential charging units (public and private). California has by far the most: nearly 37,000 units. New York, Florida, and Texas each have well over 4,000 each.

However, to really measure progress, it’s important to look beyond the sheer number of charging points in each state. A new study from the driving education web site Zutobi examines the ratio of charging points compared to the number of EVs, and to the total number of vehicles in each state. Some of the conclusions may be surprising.

The state with the highest number of charging points per vehicle is Vermont. The rural state currently has some 768 charging points, which translates to 725 per 1,000 EVs, and 124 per 100,000 vehicles (all types). The state has various EV incentive schemes in place, so the infrastructure situation is expected to improve even further.

Unsurprisingly, California leads the US in the sheer number of charging outlets—there are currently some 32,000 available. However, the vast urban state has nearly 31,000,000 vehicles, so it takes second place in the rankings, with 124 chargers per 1,000 EVs, and 104 per 100,000 vehicles.

Utah and Massachusetts are tied for third place—the former has 302 charging points per 1,000 EVs, and the latter has 347. Each has 66.9 charging points for every 100,000 vehicles in the state.

Rounding out the Top 10 are Hawaii, Maryland, Colorado, Rhode Island, New York and Washington. The Bottom 3 are Louisiana, Alaska and Alabama. The Rebuild Alabama Act, passed in 2019, includes funding to improve charging infrastructure, so the Heart of Dixie could climb in the standings soon.

Source: Zutobi

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