Volta Trucks and Cake to develop electric last-mile delivery service

Commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks is planning to collaborate with Cake, a Swedish maker of lightweight electric motorcycles, to create a zero-emission last-mile delivery service that uses a combination of electric trucks and electric motorcycles. The first trial is planned for the first quarter of 2023 in Paris, with deliveries for retailer H&M. 

The Volta Zero, a 16-ton electric truck designed for urban deliveries, will serve as a mobile “micro-hub” or “mini-warehouse.” Cake motorcycles will be loaded into them at the start of the working day and deployed into the city center. From there, the motorcycles will make last-mile deliveries of parcels to end customers.

The Volta Zero can then be reassigned to other locations during the day, or provide quick-replacement batteries for the Cake motorcycles if necessary.

Source: Green Car Congress


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