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Volta Trucks becomes the latest electric truck maker to file for bankruptcy

Electric truck makers are having a rough time these days, as rising interest rates make fundraising harder. The German company B-ON, maker of the Streetscooter, filed for insolvency in September. In the latest chapter of Lordstown Motors’ colorful history, a bankruptcy court approved the sale of the company’s assets to its founder. Arrival is undergoing… Read more »

Volta Trucks announces first production orders of over 300 vehicles

Swedish commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks has received its first orders for over 300 units of its medium-duty urban delivery electric truck Volta Zero, with associated revenue of more than €85 million. Series production Volta Zeros are expected to start rolling off the line of the company’s contract manufacturing facility in Steyr, Austria, in early… Read more »

Volta Trucks and Cake to develop electric last-mile delivery service

Commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks is planning to collaborate with Cake, a Swedish maker of lightweight electric motorcycles, to create a zero-emission last-mile delivery service that uses a combination of electric trucks and electric motorcycles. The first trial is planned for the first quarter of 2023 in Paris, with deliveries for retailer H&M.  The Volta… Read more »

Volta Trucks and Siemens partner on Truck as a Service offering

Commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks has signed a letter of intent with Siemens Smart Infrastructure, outlining a partnership to offer a Truck as a Service package that includes software control systems, facility electrification, charging infrastructure, energy management, building equipment and project finance. Siemens will oversee the technical infrastructure of the charging installations, including the hardware… Read more »

Volta Trucks details upcoming US launch of its Class 7 electric truck

Volta Trucks plans to introduce its electric commercial vehicles into North America, beginning in 2023 with a Volta Zero Class 7 truck (equivalent to the company’s existing European 16-ton truck) with a dry or refrigerated cargo box. The Volta Zero is a purpose-built electric medium-duty truck specifically designed for urban logistics. It uses a compact… Read more »

Volta Trucks raises $257 million in Series C funding for its Zero model line

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Volta Trucks has raised €230 million ($257 million) in Series C funding. The cash will be used to complete a fleet of design verification prototypes and a fleet of product verification vehicles for customer evaluation in London and Paris in mid-2022, as well as the continued development of the Volta Zero model… Read more »

Volta Trucks conducts real-world trials of prototype Volta Zero

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Volta Trucks has begun engineering evaluation and development testing of the first prototype Volta Zero at automotive engineering consultancy HORIBA MIRA in Nuneaton, UK. Affectionately named Volta Minus One by development engineers, the prototype uses the proposed production-spec chassis frame and drivetrain of the finished vehicle, and will be used to test… Read more »

ABB introduces range of hinged high-voltage connector backshells for heavy-duty EVs 

Cable-to-connector stability is critical to the operation of any EV. Heavy-duty EV wiring is particularly vulnerable to high engine temperatures, strain, abrasion, vibration, ingress and corrosion. To protect and stabilize these connections, ABB Installation Products has introduced a full range of hinged high-voltage connector backshells. ABB’s new Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces are part of a… Read more »

Scania and Northvolt say their new battery can power electric trucks for 1.5 million km

Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania and Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt have unveiled a jointly developed lithium-ion battery cell for heavy EVs, which they say is capable of powering trucks for 1.5 million kilometers. The specifications of the prismatic cell include a 157 Ah capacity and a nominal voltage of 3.6 V. Produced with fossil-free electricity… Read more »

Volta begins production of its Zero electric truck

Volta Trucks has confirmed the start of production of its Volta Zero electric truck, which is taking place at Steyr Automotive in Steyr, Austria. The first series of vehicles has entered the production line, according to the company. The initial batch of vehicles will be used in the Volta Zero Driving Experience Program. This test… Read more »