Using AAA’s EV out-of-charge roadside event data to optimize charger site locations (Webinar)

As the electric vehicle market continues to surge, the demand for accessible and reliable charging infrastructure is more critical than ever. To ensure that the transition to electric mobility is seamless, efficient, and accessible to all, a strategic approach to EV charger infrastructure planning is essential.

Join this webinar at the Virtual Conference on EV Infrastructure for a presentation that delves into the world of infrastructure planning using AAA’s comprehensive Electric Vehicle Out-of-Charge Roadside Data which is representative of its 64 million members across the United States and Canada.

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See the full session list for the December Virtual Conference here.

Broadcast live on December 4-6, 2023. This virtual event will span all things EV charging in two main tracks:

  • Track 1: Deploying EV Infrastructure & Fleets
    Content for fleet/facility managers, charging network operators, public transport planners, etc.
  • Track 2: Design & Manufacturing of Charging Systems
    Content for engineers who are building, testing, and manufacturing charging systems.

The free-to-attend conference will feature live presentations, interactive Q&As, on-demand webinars, and whitepaper downloads. All live webcast sessions are free to attend and will be recorded and available to watch on-demand after the event. Register to reserve your spot to watch it live or on-demand.

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Virtual Conference on EV Engineering: Free to Attend

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