SolarEdge introduces solar-attached EV management software for commercial/industrial market

Smart energy specialist SolarEdge Technologies has added a solar-attached EV management solution to its suite of products and software for the commercial and industrial segment.

The new software-based solution manages and optimizes the EV charging process for sites that require dynamic load management and have large quantities of EVs, such as apartment buildings, workplaces and public charging locations. The system incorporates real-time data analytics, and considers solar production, dynamic electricity prices and tiered charging schedules. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with SolarEdge’s energy management system to optimize interactions among facility solar generation, stationary battery storage and large-scale EV charging, taking into account grid and infrastructure limitations.

The EV charging management solution is powered by technology developed by startup Wevo Energy, in which SolarEdge is an investor.

SolarEdge will launch the new solution first in Germany and the UK, and plans to expand to other markets soon.

“As more companies are taking active measures to electrify their car fleets, combining solar PV and EV charging is a cost-effective and sustainable way to manage these fleets,” said Zvi Lando, CEO of SolarEdge. “We believe SolarEdge C&I PV solutions, combined with Wevo’s advanced EV charging management capabilities, will help businesses use energy more economically and sustainably.”

“Wevo’s solution is already deployed at thousands of parking spaces globally,” said Teddy Flatau, CEO of Wevo Energy. “The combination of Wevo’s software with SolarEdge’s PV solution and market presence will enable the accelerated deployment of load-balanced EV charging infrastructure.”

Source: SolarEdge


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