Nissan to offer electric options for all new models in Japan

Nissan was an early EV pioneer, but although the LEAF is still a common sight on the streets, sales have been flat in the US. In Japan, however, things look different. According to Nikkei, the LEAF and Nissan’s hybrid models accounted for 25% of sales in fiscal 2018, and the company aims to expand this share to 50% by 2022.

Now Nissan has announced that it will soon offer pure electric versions of all new and redesigned models on the Japanese market.

Nissan hopes that higher volumes of electrified vehicles will help reduce battery costs.

The automaker plans to launch an electric SUV later in 2020, and an electric version of its Dayz minicar in 2021. Several new hybrids are also planned for the Japanese market.

The company’s longer-term plans include more electrified models for Europe and China—it hopes to make EVs and hybrids 50% of sales in Europe and 30% in China by 2022.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

  • Lance Pickup

    Where did this suddenly come from?

    Good news, I suppose, but I’m skeptical because it seems like I’ve heard it before from Nissan. Also, is there a timeline for this?

    Nissan had an incredible lead in the affordable EV space that they have since squandered away. It would be nice to see them actually follow through on this.

  • Vincent Wolf

    Yeah it will make more compliance 50 kW charging rate EVs with passive cooling that doesnt work in southwestern USA.

  • Corky

    The criticism of Nissan is very easy from the armchairs of our living rooms as we scan reviews of other models that exceed the specs of the Leaf.
    I would suggest that Nissan has learned a lot from the Leaf over the years. I would also suggest that they have taken their time to develop a strategy for electrification that, if done wrong, could imperil the survival of the company.
    We are at the beginning of the greatest transition in transport since the ICE and the scale and scope of that transition the costs of getting it wrong are life threatening to the company. So, yes, I wished they would react more quickly to their flaws in the Leaf but I also have confidence that their subsequent models will be competitive/ market leaders.

  • SJC_1

    If they heat sink the cells, air cooling can work most places.