i-charging’s blueberry CLUSTER and PLUS EV chargers deliver up to 900 kW of power

Charging power levels continue to rise. EV charging provider i-charging is now offering a pair of charger models that can deliver a whopping 900 kW.

Does that mean you can charge your LEAF in 5 minutes? Well, no. There’s no current passenger EV that can handle anywhere near that level of power (but electric trucks and buses can), and furthermore, i-charging’s blueberry CLUSTER and PLUS EV chargers are designed to charge multiple vehicles at once.

Both versions of i-charging’s blueberry charger are modular—they can be supplied with any total power level desired, in increments of 50 kW, up to a maximum of 900 kW. The blueberry PLUS can charge two vehicles at once, dynamically allocating the available power between them, and the CLUSTER allows up to four vehicles to share the total charging power.

Portugal-based i-charging is targeting the public charging and fleet charging markets, particularly in Germany, where public chargers are required to offer at least 200 kW of power. Both the CLUSTER and PLUS can easily meet that requirement, and both have Eichrecht module B and module D certifications. They are certified Plug & Charge-compatible by Hubject, and can accept just about any form of payment, including bank card, RFID, APP and Autocharge.

“At i-charging, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of EV charging technology to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions,” said CEO Pedro Moreira da Silva. “The boost of the blueberry [power levels to] 900 kW demonstrates our commitment to our mission to make EV charging faster, more convenient, and more accessible.”

Source: i-charging


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