HERE and SBD report on the state of EV infrastructure in the US and Europe

Dutch multinational HERE, which specializes in mapping technologies, location data and related automotive services, and UK-headquartered global automotive consultancy SBD Automotive have issued their EV Index, an analysis that compares EV readiness according to metrics that assess a variety of factors for an aggregated and weighted score on a 100-point scale. The analysis is done state-by-state in the US and on a country level in Europe.

Factors include the number of public EV chargers per road length, the average power capacity of public EV chargers, EV fleet share vis-à-vis ICE vehicles, and the ratio of registered EVs to public chargers.

As of 2022, the US had an EV market share of just over 7%. The three top-scoring states on the EV Index, based on data from 2020 to 2022, are Washington, DC, with 72.06, Connecticut with 66.18 and Vermont with 65.20. The bottom three states are Idaho with 36.27, Arkansas with 35.78 and Alaska with 23.03. California, as the market-leading state, comes in at 60.78.

In Europe, Norway tops the list at 74.17, followed by the Netherlands with 73.34 and Luxembourg with 70.01. At the bottom are Greece with 32.50, Malta with 24.16 and Cyprus with 10.83.

Source: HERE

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