CPOs are implementing ADS-TEC Energy’s battery-buffered EV fast charging systems

ADS-TEC Energy provides battery-buffered ultra-fast charging systems, and the company says that customers are successfully implementing its systems in a wide range of use cases.

ADS-TEC’s solutions are designed to enable charge point operators to deploy DC fast charging without requiring electrical service upgrades.

“The fact that our products can show their full strength in real-life applications is the best feedback for us,” said Thomas Speidel, CEO, ADS-TEC Energy. “We are pleased to receive extremely positive feedback from our successful CPO partners, such as amperio, GP Joule Connect and Jolt Energy.”

Customers have shown sustained high performance with power levels up to 320 kW in various applications, including public parking lots, retail stores, gas stations, car dealerships and car rental facilities.

“The solution is attractive if the grid connection is not sufficient for ultra-fast charging,” said Manuel Reich, Managing Director, GP Joule Connect. “With ADS-TEC Energy, we can offer this without complex grid expansion. The use of storage-based, ultra-fast charging stations represents a highly scalable business for very many of our business partners in various application areas.”

“We are continuing to expand our ultra-fast charging in cities, and have now installed seven charging stations in Munich,” said Jolt Energy CEO Maurice Neligan. “We are opening up new locations with the launch of the new MerlinOne Charger with digital advertising displays, and we have equipped an office complex in Munich with a Jolt Charge Park. The interest from gas stations, supermarkets and real estate companies has been tremendous.”

“We plan to include ADS-TEC Energy’s storage-based, ultra-fast-charging stations in many of our projects, including rental car providers, independent car dealerships and other car dealership locations,” said Oliver Kaul, CEO, amperio. “Following strong feedback from the market, we aim to at least double the number of installed systems in the coming year.”

Source: ADS-TEC Energy

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