California Energy Commission awards $3 million to EV ride-sharing projects

The California Energy Commission has awarded nearly $3 million to car-sharing programs using EVs in disadvantaged communities.

Stratosfuel will demonstrate a fuel cell car-sharing platform using the hydrogen-refueling network in Riverside and Ontario.

Calstart will use battery EVs in a ride-hailing service targeting community college students who attend Fresno City College from surrounding rural areas.

Envoy Technologies will use battery EVs to develop car-sharing programs for the Bay Area and Central Valley serving people who live in affordable multi-unit housing developments.

The Energy Commission also established a new advisory group representing disadvantaged communities, which will provide advice on how state clean energy programs can effectively reach low-income households and hard-to-reach customers such as rural and tribal communities.


Source: California Energy Commission

  • Dennis Worley

    What I think I would like is an autonomous, cheap,ride sharing, taxi service that I can call from my ph. with a range of options 1 being me only to up 7 people.Also a range of options of range to detour to pick up ride share customers A being 1 k to say D being 4k !
    The first cooperative to do this will be VERY successful!