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Prodrive demonstrates silicon carbide-based DC-DC converter

A consortium led by the British motorsport and technology firm Prodrive has successfully run a silicon carbide-based multiport DC-DC converter in an EV.  Silicon carbide devices operate at a higher frequency than equivalent silicon components – at 75 kHz in the test vehicles – with a significant reduction in switching losses. This allows the magnetic… Read more »

Maxwell’s new ultracaps increase shock and vibration tolerance, a big advantage in mass transit applications

Maxwell Technologies’ new DuraBlue ultracapacitor cells incorporate a number of upgrades over previous versions. The 2.85-volt, 3400-farad cells offer up to 1,000,000 duty cycles, with up to 18 kW/kg of specific power and up to 4.00 Wh of stored energy. They use the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical K2 form factor, and are available with threaded… Read more »

Silicon rally: EnerG2’s new silicon battery anode material

It seems that every time the hottest new smartphone or tablet comes out, one of the biggest points of contention among users is its battery life. The demands put on the batteries run them down faster than users would like, and the OEMs can’t simply increase the batteries’ size while still hitting their targets for… Read more »

Ioxus announces new single-piece housing for its ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitor pioneer Ioxus has announced the launch of a series of module systems for a single-piece extruded housing for use with all of its axial ultracapacitors. The iMOD X-Series allows for every cell to be in thermal contact with the outside of the housing, allowing for even heating and cooling, as well as reduced heat… Read more »

Ultracapacitor firm Ioxus raises $21 million in series C funding

Ioxus, a manufacturer of ultracapacitor technology, has raised $21 million in a series C funding round from investors that include IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and venture capital firm the Westly Group (this follows $15 million that Ioxus raised last July). Supercapacitors (aka ultracapacitors or ultracaps), with their superior charge/discharge rates and… Read more »

Sporty prototype demonstrates flow cell battery technology

Among the many electrified vehicles on display at this week’s Geneva Auto Salon was one that demonstrates a new and possibly revolutionary energy storage system. Leichtenstein-based nanoFLOWCELL’s QUANT e-Sportlimousine, a sleek sports model with gull-wing doors, uses flow cell battery technology. Scientists at GE Global Research and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced that they were… Read more »

Maxwell and SK to jointly develop ultracap/battery combo

Ultracapacitors (aka ultracaps or supercapacitors) are the toast of the town, thanks to their rapid charge and discharge capabilities, tolerance of extreme temperature conditions and long operational life. However, their killer application may be as partners with lithium-ion batteries, which offer higher energy density. Maxwell Technologies (Nasdaq: MXWL), a manufacturer of ultracapacitor-based energy storage products,… Read more »

Graphene supercapacitor packs basketball court-size surface area into one gram

Supercapacitors (aka ultracapacitors or ultracaps) represent one of the most exciting technologies in the EV world today. Because of their superior charge/discharge rates and long cycle life, they could make great companions to lithium-ion batteries, which offer higher energy density. Some brave souls predict that they could someday replace batteries altogether in some applications. Now… Read more »

New Linear Technology power manager and charger works with several battery chemistries

Linear Technology has introduced a versatile power manager and multi-chemistry battery charger. The LTC4020 features ±0.5% charge voltage regulation and operates across a 4.5 to 55 V input voltage range, with output voltage up to 55 V. Coupled with three selectable termination algorithms, the controller can handle a variety of battery-stack voltages and chemistries. A… Read more »