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EV battery testing: Increase lab efficiency and minimize total cost of ownership

OEMs, battery designers and manufacturers, as well as test facilities, face increasing challenges in battery development, testing, and validation. Due to a growing number of devices under test (DUT), test laboratories for cells, modules or packs are becoming larger and more complex. There are many levers to increase efficiency and thus to minimize total cost… Read more »

Learn about testing EV and EVSE interoperability and conformance

Join this session at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering this Fall to learn more about testing interoperability of EVs and charging infrastructure. EV and EV supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturers and providers are striving to reach that magical tipping point where range, charging time, availability, safety and price come together to help EVs become… Read more »

Dukosi selects Keysight’s Scienlab for battery module development

Dukosi will be using Keysight Technologies‘ SL1001A Battery Test System to support the development of battery degradation tracking and prediction algorithms, as well as state-of-charge monitors.  Dukosi is working with the Battery Advances for Future Transport Applications (BAFTA) project to develop a framework to optimize performance and system management for safer and more efficient battery… Read more »