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New analysis: 40% of the federal vehicle fleet could be cost-effectively electrified by 2025

A new report from the Electrification Coalition and Atlas Public Policy finds that 97 percent of buses and light-duty vehicles in the US federal fleet could be replaced by EVs by 2030 at a cost savings to taxpayers, and that up to 40 percent could be cost-effectively replaced by 2025. The federal government is the… Read more »

Columbus, Ohio wins $50 million in grants under the DOT Smart City Challenge

The city of Columbus, Ohio has won the Smart City Challenge, a competition organized by the DOT to encourage cities to develop plans for a 21st-century intelligent transportation system. 78 cities submitted applications for the award, which will provide up to $40 million from the DOT and an additional $10 million from Paul Allen’s Vulcan… Read more »

New study: North Carolina EV incentive would add $52 million to GDP over next 16 years

Establishing a plug-in vehicle tax credit in North Carolina would boost the state’s GDP by $52 million over the next 16 years, while reducing the impact of fluctuating gasoline prices, says a new study. The study, “Impact of Introducing an Electric Vehicle Rebate on the North Carolina State Economy,” was published by Keybridge Research, and… Read more »

A tale of two cities saving money with EVs

The Electrification Coalition has released two case studies describing how the cities of Houston, Texas and Loveland, Colorado are saving money by using EVs in their vehicle fleets. Houston has converted 50% of its light-duty fleet to hybrids, including 15 converted Prius PHEVs. Recently, the city purchased 27 LEAFs, and has plans to deploy more…. Read more »

Electrification Coalition and FleetAnswers launch partnership to offer electrification resources for fleets

For various reasons, commercial vehicle fleets are likely to be the first segment of the auto industry that will see widespread electrification. With more than 16 million public and private fleet vehicles on the road in the US, it’s not a small niche. To make it easier for fleet operators to get charged, the Electrification… Read more »