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Human-machine interface experts on the nuances of displaying and interacting with EV data

Few have been working on human-machine interface (HMI) design for EV drivetrains as long as Brian Gallagher and Kevin Coelho. In 2007, Gallagher joined the startup Aptera Motors as employee number three. Shortly after, Coelho joined him as the seventh addition to the California company, which was building ultra-efficient three-wheeled electric vehicles. Five years later,… Read more »

Andromeda Interfaces’ Electric Vehicle Interface Controller

San Diego-based Andromeda Interfaces has introduced its Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC), an integrated display device to monitor the operation and safety of an EV’s major subsystems.  EVIC consolidates data from battery management and charger systems and motor controllers into one display device. CEO Brian L Gallagher said, “With the increasing adoption rate of EV… Read more »

Creatively displaying BMS data

Brian Gallagher has had a variety of engineering and management roles designing human machine interfaces (HMIs) in the biotech and automotive industries. Most recently, he is the cofounder of Andromeda Interfaces, which develops HMIs for many different industries. With the adoption of lithium-ion battery technology in electric vehicles, the role of battery management systems (BMS) has become… Read more »