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Proterra electric bus delivers 258 miles of range in testing

Proterra Electric Bus

A Proterra Catalyst XR (extended range) electric bus drove 258 miles on a single charge in a recent test. The bus used in the test has 8 NMC Li-ion battery packs, with a total energy capacity of 257 kWh.

The Catalyst XR can also be configured with 10 packs, which Proterra predicts will achieve 300 miles on a single charge. According to General Transit Feed Specification data, typical urban and rural bus routes in the US run less than 200 miles a day.

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Proterra offers both extended-range (XR) and fast-charge (FC) versions of its electric bus, using different battery technologies, to suit the requirements of different types of routes.

The TerraVolt FC battery option, which uses a 100 kWh pack with a lithium titanate chemistry, is designed for maximum run time with minimum charging time. This system can be recharged en route in less than ten minutes at a 500 kW charging rate.

The new Catalyst XR uses a higher energy density NMC pack. The XR is compatible with Proterra’s fast charging equipment, although it doesn’t charge as quickly as the FC – a bit less than 90 minutes.

“The purpose-driven Catalyst design affords the best efficiency rating ever for a 40-foot transit bus, at 22 MPG equivalent,” said John Sleconich, Chief Engineer at Proterra.

“Achieving this range is validation for our technology and gives us the confidence that Proterra is capable of what we initially set out to accomplish – replacing every fossil fuel bus in the United States with a fully electric one,” said Proterra CEO, Ryan Popple.


Source: Proterra 


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