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Navitas launches Gen-3 Fast SiC MOSFETs for EV charging

US-based Navitas Semiconductor has introduced a new portfolio of Gen-3 Fast (G3F) 650 V and 1,200 V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs optimized for fastest switching speed, highest efficiency, and increased power density for applications such as on-board chargers and fast EV chargers.

The portfolio range covers industry-standard packages from D2PAK-7 to TO-247-4, designed for demanding, high-power, high-reliability applications.

The G3F family is optimized for high-speed switching performance. The G3F GeneSiC MOSFETs use “trench-assisted planar” technology and offer better-than-trench MOSFET performance, enabling up to 25° C lower case temperature, and up to three times longer life than other SiC products, the company claims.

The enables a low drain-source on resistance (RDS(ON)) increase versus temperature, which results in the lowest power losses across the operating range and offers up to 20% lower RDS(ON) under real-life operation at high temperatures compared to competition.

For the EV market, 1,200 V/34 mOhm (G3F34MT12K) G3F FETs enable Navitas’ new 22 kW, 800 V bidirectional OBC and 3 kW DC-DC converter to achieve power density of 3.5 kW/L and a peak efficiency of 95.5%.

“G3F sets a new standard for efficient, cool-running SiC performance, coupled with high reliability and robustness for high-power, high-stress systems,” said Sid Sundaresan, SVP of SiC Technology and Operations at Navitas. “We’re pushing the boundaries of SiC, with up to 600 kHz switching speeds, and hard-switching figures-of-merit up to 40% better than competition.”

Source: Navitas Semiconductor

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