EverCharge’s power management increases charging capacity in multi-unit dwellings

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Charging at home is a snap for those of us with garages, but for the 88 million Americans living in apartments, condos and other multi-unit dwellings, installing EV charging infrastructure can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

And as more drivers go electric, an even bigger obstacle may crop up: each building complex has a finite supply of power, so if several tenants were to install EV chargers, that capacity could quickly fall short without costly upgrades to the electrical system.

The Bay area firm EverCharge has developed an EV charging solution designed specifically for multi-unit dwellings that intelligently manages charging to get the maximum benefit from a complex’s existing power capacity.

EverCharge’s SmartPower system dynamically allocates power based on vehicle demand. The company says that its system can increase charging capacity up to 10 times through “proprietary power management technology.”

EverCharge offers a turnkey solution to building owners. Each charger keeps track of the electricity consumed, and the company bills the users and reimburses the landlords. The company also handles the installation process, navigating the shoals of building permits, electrical contractors, homeowner associations, inspections, insurance, etc.


Source: EverCharge, Gas2

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