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Sensata introduces CAN bus-enabled GXC and MXC Smart-Tactor contactors

Sensor, controller and software firm Sensata has introduced its CAN bus communication-enabled GXC and MXC Smart-Tactor contactors. The contactors are part of the GX and MX product lines, and are available for the military, battery system, energy storage, commercial vehicle and industrial markets. Compared to contactors without CAN bus communication, Sensata says its GXC and… Read more »

Sensata expands EV portfolio with purchase of Sendyne

Global electronics firm Sensata has acquired New York-based Sendyne. “Sendyne enables us to deliver a more comprehensive electrification product portfolio, and will help drive our electrification growth vector and accelerate our electrification strategy,” said Sensata CTO George Verras. Sensata is a sensor, controller, and software company with products in the automotive, heavy vehicle and off-road… Read more »

Sensata’s new i-BMS handles applications up to 60 volts

Sensata Technologies’s new i-BMS battery management system for applications up to 60 V is now available. The new system is a cell-chemistry-agnostic, compact, integrated BMS developed for the cost-optimized mass-production of applications such as two- and three-wheelers, automated guided vehicles and robotics. Hot-swap functionality and parallel battery pack support allow for the ability to quickly… Read more »

Sensata’s new junction boxes support charging at up to 850 volts and 1,300 amps

Sensata Technologies has released new high-voltage junction boxes designed to provide safe and reliable power distribution for high-power charging of commercial EVs. The new DC charging boxes support megawatt charging of medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks at up to 850 volts and 1,300 amps. Combining Sensata’s current production contactor, fuse, and controller components into a… Read more »

Sensata develops new i-BMS battery management system for applications up to 60 volts

Sensata Technologies debuted a new battery management systems at the Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan.  The new i-BMS battery management system from Sensata acquisition Lithium Balance is a cell chemistry-agnostic, compact, integrated BMS developed for the cost-optimized mass-production of applications up to 60 V, such as two-wheelers, three-wheelers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and… Read more »

Sensata Technologies’ power disconnect solution enables faster, safer DC fast charging

Sensor specialist Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST) has announced that its new power disconnect solution, which is designed to enable faster and safer DC fast charging, has been chosen by several charging infrastructure OEMs. Sensata’s solution combines contactors and GigaFuses from its Gigavac product in a contactor module that’s designed to simplify installation and to provide… Read more »

Sensata Technologies’ new GV210 series contactors for EVs

Sensata Technologies has announced the availability of its new GV210 series of hermetically sealed, gas-filled contactors for applications carrying up to 150 A at 12 to 900 VDC. The series is the latest addition to Sensata’s GIGAVAC brand product line, and is suitable as the main contactor for applications such as forklifts, home energy storage… Read more »

Sensata Technologies acquires GIGAVAC for $233 million

Industrial sensor specialist Sensata Technologies (NYSE:ST) has reached an agreement to acquire privately-held electrification solution provider GIGAVAC for $233 million. Sensata is expanding its positions in electrical protection, thermal management and regenerative braking. The addition of GIGAVAC’s portfolio will enable Sensata to tap into the market for high-voltage contactors, which are critical components of both… Read more »