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Sensata’s new i-BMS handles applications up to 60 volts

Sensata Technologies’s new i-BMS battery management system for applications up to 60 V is now available. The new system is a cell-chemistry-agnostic, compact, integrated BMS developed for the cost-optimized mass-production of applications such as two- and three-wheelers, automated guided vehicles and robotics.

Hot-swap functionality and parallel battery pack support allow for the ability to quickly exchange depleted batteries with fully charged batteries, allowing for more vehicle uptime. For electric motorbikes and three-wheelers, fully charged batteries can be rapidly installed in the field at battery swap stations.

Parallel pack support allows the use of two or more battery packs in parallel. This functionality allows OEMs to have smaller battery modules, improving the safety and serviceability of the battery system. 

The i-BMS PCB measures only 65 x 200 mm, but is equipped with the required components to manage and maintain a battery system without the need for any external parts. All critical components are pre-integrated into the system, including a pre-charge circuit, on-board current measurement, MOSFET power switches for battery disconnect, and a DC/DC power supply. The system’s key components are ASIL C safety rated, and include self-test capabilities for safety-critical measurement circuits.

The algorithms in the BMS software are designed to ensure accurate state-of-power (SOP) predictions based on cell internal resistance, voltage and current constraints, precise state-of-charge (SOC) calculations and state-of-health (SOH), calculated based on aging effect. The BMS Creator configuration software allows battery pack designers to create a unique battery setup by defining application-specific BMS parameters and safety strategies. Other software features include measurement of rate of change of temperature to predict thermal runaway, dynamic regulation of current in extreme thermal conditions, and advanced parameter settings for CAN communication.

Source: Sensata

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