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Schaeffler aims for sustainable supply chain with rare earth contract

Electric drivetrain technology manufacturer Schaeffler has signed a five-year contract to purchase rare earth metals from REEtec in order to manufacture permanent magnets for the motors in hybrid modules, hybrid transmissions and e-axles. The contract is scheduled to begin in 2024. “In REEtec, Schaeffler has gained a highly innovative partner that uses a novel and… Read more »

Schaeffler shows 800-volt power electronics and thermal management system

At the upcoming IAA Mobility 2021 trade show in Germany, automotive supplier Schaeffler will present an 800-volt power electronics system for electric axle applications in high-performance vehicles. The system enables continuous outputs of up to 330 kW and short-term peak outputs of up to 500 kW. The achievable power density can reach 70 kW per… Read more »

Schaeffler starts mass production of electric motors for hybrids and EVs

Schaeffler, a manufacturer of electric drivetrain technology, will begin mass production of hybrid modules, hybrid drive units and all-electric axle transmissions.  Along with a series of mass production orders for electric motors in the passenger car sector, Schaeffler has recently entered the heavy-duty applications segment for commercial vehicles. The company has announced a mass production… Read more »

Schaeffler acquires motor manufacturer Compact Dynamics

Automotive supplier Schaeffler has acquired 51% of the shares of electric motor manufacturer Compact Dynamics from SEMIKRON International. Schaeffler and SEMIKRON have also agreed to cooperate on the development of power electronics systems and the integration of power electronics components. Compact Dynamics, based in Starnberg, Germany, specializes in lightweight electric drive concepts in small volume… Read more »

The next nifty EV feature: perpendicular steering

Add another item to the list of neat tricks that cars will soon be learning: the ability to maneuver sideways in order to slip into tight parking spaces. The OmniSteer project, funded by Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research, aims to develop a vehicle with “a lateral and transverse guidance system capable of performing orthogonal,… Read more »

Schaeffler develops new P2 hybrid module

Schaeffler has developed a new P2 (parallel, two-clutch) high-voltage hybrid module -designed to fit between the internal combustion engine and transmission – that can transmit engine torques of up to 800 N·m (590 lb-ft) without having to incorporate an expensive clutch. The P2 consists of an electric machine and an automated disconnect clutch, which is… Read more »

Assisted steering system uses individual wheel motors for more efficiency and better range

Modern automobiles are complex beasts, with numerous subsidiary systems that consume energy. In an EV, more energy consumption means reduced range, so it can be well worthwhile to study more efficient ways to power the various accessories. One of these accessory systems is assisted steering, which reduces the physical effort required for the driver to… Read more »

Schaeffler’s STEP2 EV, with two-speed powershift transmission, cruises the Alps at E-Car Rally

The Schaeffler Group, a multinational conglomerate that makes a range of electric drivetrain components, fielded an EV at July’s E-Car Rally in Montafon, Austria, held on the dream roads of the Alps. The STEP2, Schaeffler’s third entry in this yearly event, is an EV with a drive from the Schaeffler subsidiary IDAM and a two-speed… Read more »

Two new in-wheel electric drive systems unveiled

In-wheel electric drive systems are a hot topic these days. Mounting the electric motor and power electronics within a wheel assembly can improve efficiency, save space and give automakers more flexibility in body design. This week, two leaders in the field introduced new in-wheel offerings. Protean Electric announced the debut of its production in-wheel motor… Read more »