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Littelfuse’s new high-current, high-voltage cartridge fuse is designed for EV charging

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has unveiled a new high-current, high-voltage, compact cartridge fuse designed for overcurrent protection in EV charging equipment. The 607 Series is rated at 500 V, from 40 to 63 A, and has a 10,000 A interrupting rating. Littelfuse is offering the through-hole fuses in tray packages of 500. The fuses work… Read more »

Littelfuse launches new fuse for EV on-board chargers and PDUs

Circuit protection manufacturer Littelfuse has launched a new high-voltage cartridge fuse for the on-board chargers and power distribution units (PDUs) of EVs. The new 828 series High-Voltage Cartridge Fuses are AEC-Q200 compliant, and are available in a tray package of 500 for the through-hole version, and 300 for the bolt-down version. The company says “the… Read more »

Littelfuse introduces new 1,000 VDC-rated fuse for EVs

The latest circuit protection product from Littelfuse is a new 1,000 VDC-rated fuse designed for protecting the on-board chargers, battery distribution units, battery packs, converters, inverters and auxiliary loads of EVs from overcurrent. The company says the new fuse is “the first automotive-grade fuse with a rating of 1,000 VDC.” The EV1K Series fuses are… Read more »

Littelfuse unveils new thyristor product line with 3 kA of surge protection

Circuit protection manufacturer Littelfuse has introduced a new thyristor product line, which is designed to safeguard exposed surfaces such as RS-485 data interfaces and AC/DC power supplies in factory automation systems, energy storage systems, power distribution grids and EV charging systems. The Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor Protection Thyristor is housed in a DO-214AB (SMC) package, and supplies… Read more »

Littelfuse launches new high-speed semiconductor fuses

Circuit protection manufacturer Littelfuse has added 275 new fuses to its line of POWR-SPEED PSR high-speed fuses. The new fuses come in various sizes and amperages, and feature bolted and DIN rail mounting options. Littelfuse designed its PSR series fuses for use in power conversion and conditioning equipment for critical semiconductor devices such as diodes,… Read more »

Top circuit protection considerations for DC fast chargers, a new class of high-voltage consumer electronics

DC fast charging isn’t just a godsend for EV drivers looking for a quick charge. It’s also an entirely new level of consumer electronics. “You and I, as members of the general public, have previously never had access to anything higher in voltage than what we see at home in our wall socket,” Tim Patel, Global… Read more »