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Littelfuse introduces Residual Current Monitor product line for EV charging stations

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has introduced its Western Automation Research and Development Residual Current Monitor (RCM) product line to detect AC and DC ground fault currents in EV charging installations.

When a residual fault current occurs, the RCM sends an output signal that triggers a relay or contactor to shut off the supply power and remove the shock hazard during charging. These products may be used to detect AC, DC or both types of faults in single-phase or multi-phase installations.

The new RCMs include single-phase and three-phase designs in one component to simplify inventory. Both chassis and board-level mounting options are available for added flexibility.

The RCM product line offers various models to support the global UL and IEC safety standards for EV charging applications, including:

  • Level 2 (UL2231-2)
  • Mode 2 (IEC62752)
  • Mode 3 (IEC62955)

“It is only a matter of time before EVs become a significant proportion of all vehicles—making it paramount that charging applications are safe and reliable,” stated Philippe Di Fulvio, Littelfuse EV Infrastructure Business Development Manager. “The RCM monitor detects AC and DC ground fault currents and quickly triggers a fault output to disable the charging current and remove the shock hazard when charging vehicles.”

Source: Littelfuse

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