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Littelfuse expands lineup of DC contactors for e-mobility

Industrial technology manufacturer Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) has expanded its portfolio of DC contactors developed specifically for e-mobility  and industrial applications.

Littelfuse DC contactor relays are available with continuous current ratings up to 500 A and maximum voltage ratings up to 1,800 V. Multiple designs are available to meet the requirements of a wide variety of e-mobility applications, from two- and three-wheel EVs to electric material-handling vehicles to construction equipment to electric buses and heavy trucks.

Littelfuse began offering high-voltage DC contactors for EVs in 2020, with the launch of its DCN Series contactor relays, including DCNLEV, DCNEVT, DCNEV, and DCNSEV products.

The latest additions to the growing portfolio include:

  • DCNLR Series: remote-operated contactor with a space-saving design; designed for safely disconnecting DC energy sources in applications that require continuous run time.
  • DCNHR Series: high-current, high-voltage contactor with a resin body for corrosion resistance in harsh automotive environments; permanent magnet blows the magnetic field horizontally to achieve a high-voltage DC cutoff; sealed contacts for maximum safety.
  • DCNLB Series: normally closed high-current contactor available in single-coil and double-coil configurations; designed for electrical control systems of communication power supplies, UPS, and industrial equipment; able to make and break up to 1,600 A.
  • DCNLM Series: high-current contactor relay for a wide variety of stationary applications, including electrical control systems for communication power supplies, industrial machines, and UPS; available with up to 400 A contact switching capability.
  • DCNLJ Series: contactor for high-current contact switching in electric control systems of material handling, UPS, and industrial machinery; polarized models rated for 96 V (110 V max) and non-polarized models rated for 48 V (60 V max); 125 A, 200 A, and 250 A continuous current ratings available.
  • DCNLH Series: magnetically latching, bistable contactor relay for high-current contact switching; designed for telecom and datacom power supplies and industrial control equipment; able to make and break up to 800 A.

“With this latest expansion of DC contactors, we’re aiming to provide design engineers with more flexibility for developing the next generation of high-powered commercial electric vehicles,” said Todd Phillips, Littelfuse Senior Product Manager for Commercial Vehicle Products. “Plus, we’re expanding our ability to meet the needs of our industrial customers by offering dependable high-current switching products for electrical control systems.”

Source: Littelfuse

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