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Software Motor Company and Ansys speed development of advanced motors

Software Motor Company (SMC) and Ansys are collaborating to accelerate the development of ultra-efficient switched reluctance motors (SRMs) that solve critical noise vibration and harshness (NVH) issues.  Traditional AC induction motors drive most of today’s power-hungry machines, including EVs. SRMs are more efficient, reliable, and durable, but to drive industry adoption, they must overcome NVH… Read more »

New simulation software provides a powerful tool for battery developers

In the holy quest for a better battery, engineering simulation software is a key tool, helping battery developers to shorten the time-consuming cycle of prototyping and manufacturing. Software developer ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS) has now incorporated battery models in the latest release of its Fluent software, thanks to the efforts of a team that also includes GM… Read more »

EVs: the Holy Grail of multiphysics

Sandeep Sovani on the evolution of computer-based engineering simulations. Before actually creating any physical prototypes, engineers build a three-dimensional virtual model of a component, and can use computer simulations to test how the design will perform in the real world. Computer-based engineering simulation early in the development process allows them to refine and validate designs… Read more »