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Uber pushes drivers to go electric in Oregon pilot

Uber EV Ride Request

Uber has launched a program to incentivize its Oregon drivers to go electric. The company’s subsidiary Xchange Leasing will buy EVs and lease them to drivers in the Portland area. The goal is to make 10% of Uber’s vehicles in Oregon electric by 2019. About 100 of Portland’s 6,000 drivers already drive EVs, according to the company.

Uber is already running similar pilot projects in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Johannesburg and Paris. It chose Oregon for the US program because of the state’s investment in EV infrastructure, said Bryce Bennett, Uber’s Oregon General Manager.

“Uber sees strong potential for clean vehicle technologies,” says Bennett. “This new initiative reflects our desire to move more people with fewer, fuller and more efficient vehicles.”


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Source: Time

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