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Battery-swapping firm Ample raises 50 million, expands to Europe with Uber partnership

Battery swapping specialist Ample partnered with Uber in January, and now offers its swapping technology to Uber drivers in California. Now the two companies have announced an expansion of their partnership. The new collaboration will provide drivers in Uber’s European fleet with access to Ample’s autonomous battery swapping stations. Uber aims to fully electrify the… Read more »

There’s more! Hertz offers Teslas to Uber drivers for $299 per week

Hertz appears to be taking a page from Tesla’s marketing playbook, using the automaker’s classic “But wait, there’s more!” strategy. Just days after announcing that it would purchase 100,000 Teslas by the end of 2022, Hertz now says it will make up to 50,000 of these available for Uber drivers to rent. Uber and Hertz… Read more »

Daimler and BMW to invest a billion euros in ride-hailing JV to compete with Uber

The combination of autonomous vehicles and ride-hailing services is expected to be an extraordinarily disruptive development. Someday, providers of Transportation as a Service (TaaS) could be sitting atop the value chain, while traditional automakers end up as producers of a commodity product. Automakers aren’t sitting idly by and waiting for the market to develop. Just… Read more »

Uber deploys 50 EVs in London

Uber continues its experiments with EVs (the company began a pilot using BYD E6s last year in Chicago, and has also runs trials of EVs in South Africa and Portugal). The company’s latest electrical adventure is taking place in London, where Uber will offer its drivers the option to lease BYD and Nissan EVs. A… Read more »

Singapore pilot uses Mitsubishi and Renault EVs as self-driving taxis

Autonomous taxis are coming, perhaps sooner than people think. Uber recently announced a trial of self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh, but followers of the tech scene were disappointed to learn that the company will not be using EVs, but legacy gas-guzzling SUVs. As it happens, the California giant has been scooped by a small MIT spin-out… Read more »

Faraday Future offers a peek under its veil

The California-based EV startup Faraday Future (FF) has presented innovative ideas and assembled a talented team, raiding the ranks of such companies as Tesla, BMW, Audi, Apple, SpaceX, and Hulu. So far however, it has offered few details about its organization or its strategy. More is sure to be revealed soon. The company will participate… Read more »

Analyst predicts Tesla will eat Uber’s lunch, doubling stock price

Does Tesla have a secret plan to disrupt yet another industry, maybe one that even Tesla doesn’t know about yet? Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas is convinced of it, and believes that the potential profits will cause the TSLA stock price to double. On a recent media conference call, Jonas asked Elon Musk about Uber’s… Read more »

Uber adds PHEVs to its fleet in China

It’s a logical convergence of three tech trends: Uber, EVs and China. The pioneering ride-sharing service, which has already been testing EVs in Chicago and Prague, has announced that it will add ten PHEVs to its fleet in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The new car service, called UberGREEN, will use Guangzhou Automobile’s Trumpchi GA5… Read more »